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Developing cognitive and language skills in children


Best Practices of our Teachers (2018-19)

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Best Practices of Grade 3 Teachers

Best Practices of Grade 4 Teachers

Pre summer PD


Silver Oaks plans the professional development programs to model the student centric methodology and transdisciplinary learning.

Each session is planned to address a certain component of PD.

21st to 25th April ’14

Whole school team including the new members who joined on the 21st.

5 days of relevant significant engaging and challenging professional development before the teachers retrieve to cool their heels in summer.

Day 1

Session 1:

Topic: Consolidation of 12 years of pedagogy, practices and policies

Approach: Entire team was grouped into 5 to 6 members in each. A group learning strategy was planned to understand, review and revisit the 12 years processes.

Objective: New members and current members to discuss and perceive the entire school’s processes.

Outcome: current members turned into mentors to the newcomers. A deep discussion on vertical and horizontal application of pedagogy, processes and policies

Session 2:

Topic: Learning skills

Approach: Group discussions, reflection and introspection.

Objective: To be aware of skills to be effective learners and categorize them according to the age group of the learners.

Outcome: Action plans to conduct ongoing workshops to develop learning skills in children.


Day 2

Session 1:

Topic: Key Concepts Related Concepts and their omnipresence in the learning context

Approach: Year level groups to identify concepts in their curriculum and discuss and debate on framing key questions to elicit conceptual understanding

Objective: Framing questions to address key concepts

Outcome: Teachers began to pick up different lens to see the concepts in their topics.


Day 3

Entire team divided into groups.

Groups of 13 members each were given creative challenges .

– To create brochure for the school

-To make a 10 day travel plan for the team@silver Oaks

-To create a travel brochure assuming that school campus is a travel destination

-To make an ad campaign for the school including radio jingles and bill boards

-To take an interesting picture of the group


Outcome: Most innovative and interesting ways to advertise about the school.

Teachers highlighted the areas of school which they perceive as significant.


Day 4

April Conference

Entire day was formatted in the conference style. A keynote address followed by Break out sessions. Heads and key members of school gave talks on different topics. Conference delegates ( teachers) were to choose the topics they were interested in.

Outcome: This was hugely successful owing to the fact that there were 12 different topics and people could choose what they were interested in. Moreover, each break out session had time for talk and time for interactions.